Contributing to a larger story

One of the reasons to speak to the media is to contribute something to a larger story. This can set you up as an expert even more than if the story was just about you. You’re sharing space in the story alongside other experts and authorities, and that puts you in good company to showcase what you know.

As an example, Dean Siminoff is quoted in this story in a Rwanda newspaper about work he is doing with Martial Arts for Justice to help victims overcome the effects of the trauma of the genocide. The story isn’t about him or Martial Arts for Justice. He’s quoted because of what he is contributing to help trauma victims. It puts Martial Arts for Justice’s efforts in the bigger picture, and that benefits their cause.

The timing is great as well, since their biggest fundraising event of the year takes place this month. Breaking Boards Breaking Chains is a campaign where martial arts schools across the country raise money for each board the students break at a one day event, and those funds help Martial Arts for Justice help victims of trauma here and in other countries.

The media is your friend. It’s a valuable resource to help you share your expertise, share your story, and move your enterprise forward.