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FAQs: How Communications Helps You

How does communications help us achieve our business goals?

  • A strong communications plan helps you achieve your business goals by sharing your story and getting your message out to your target audiences economically and consistently.

How can communications save us time and money?

  • Effective communications is a tool that will continue to bring you benefits because you will continue to communicate with your audiences. Media are always looking for stories. Every business and organization has stories to share. Sharing your stories is much more economical than buying ads. And when you plan your communications, it saves you time because you are organized.

How can communications help build our reputation?

  • You’re an expert in your business or organization. Does your audience know this? Are you telling them? Use a communications strategy to position yourself as the expert you are. Share your stories with the media to help build your reputation.

How does communications integrate with our marketing plan?

  • The lines are blurring between marketing and communications with so many new media out there, such as social media, blogs and websites. If you are posting jobs on LinkedIn, are you also posting articles that build your reputation? Plan your communications to complement your marketing and vice versa.

Communicate with a human voice. Show your audience who you are and what you do.

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FAQs: News Releases

What is a news release?

  • A news release is a short communication you send to media and your contact list to announce something new about your business or organization. It shares the news with your audience and encourages the media to run your story or interview you about the news.

What information should it include?

  • Most importantly, it contains information that is newsworthy. It should answer the 5 journalist questions–who, what, where, when, why (and how)–in a concise, clear and interesting way. It can include a quote. It should include a photo or image relevant to the news, and it needs to include the date, contact information, and a catchy headline.

How long should a news release be?

  • It’s great if your news release can fit on one page. Once you’ve added your letterhead or logo, the date, headline, a photo cutline (media-speak for caption) and contact info, that doesn’t always leave a lot of room for the news! If it goes onto two pages, that’s okay. If you need more room, add a backgrounder.

What about photos?

  • Since most media has an online presence, a photo, illustration, video or image of some sort is important to help tell the story of your news. Send photos as attachments in a format large enough for print or decent reproduction online.

Where do I send or post a news release?

  • Send it to the newsroom contact for your local media; that might be the editor or a reporter. Also send it to everyone in your network–they probably want to hear the news as well, and they might share it with their network. Post it to your website and to your social media.

How do I send a news release?

  • Email it to the media in your area, and email it to everyone in your network or post it where they’ll see it, such as on LinkedIn or your other social media. When I’m working with clients, I provide detailed instructions on how to format and send your news release.

Then what happens?

  • The media might shorten it or re-write it in their own style. They might contact you for a quote or to clarify something, or they might use it as is. If you’ve sent a well written and interesting news release, you will very likely get some coverage.

Does it cost anything to send a news release?

  • Sending news to the media is free. That’s the beauty of using public relations to share your story. You get to share your news for free. (Payment is for advertisements.)

Do you have other questions about how media relations works? Contact me and we can discuss.